Subject Verb Agreement With None Of

„None“ is singular and the verb should match. From what I understand, in examples 2 and 3 are „is“ and „has been“ auxiliary verses, and „missing“ and „selected“ are the main obsedates. If this is true (and it is quite possible that I am wrong), could you explain in the example why „far“ is not the main salary? But I read a lot of articles and use „was“ books with „None of“: Indeterminate pronouns each, each, someone, nobody, nobody, are always singular and therefore require singular verbs. As far as we know, the SAT test service has not changed its position on the word none as a singular. Thank you for sharing your logical argument. In the second sentence, „none“ is the subject, and „children“ is now an adjective sentence, with „children“ as the subject of that sentence and thus the precursor to „none.“ I used the word „kudos“ in a title and it was singularly; However, my boss thought it sounded wrong and forced me to change it to the plural. He accepted that I was right, but he reminded me that he was the boss and that he was right. So we did it in our own way. There is no point in arguing with the boss. In this sentence, the subject does not mean, so plural sound is a safe choice.

Too bad we can`t say the same thing for any of these dubious restaurants. It is not used directly before the names. We do not use any + name or no + noun: The theme „$50,400 of the fees the company earned from you during this period are attributable to lobbying revenues“ is $50,400. Sums of money are normally considered singular, so the verb would be „is“. .