Affidavit Of Lost Stock Certificate And Indemnity Agreement

FOUR: That I agree that the company should be harmless for any loss resulting from a timely request from a holder of the lost certificate in question. Be able to describe how share certificates were lost or destroyed. 2. The certificate(s) of origin have been lost. Reserve the name of the company as well as the nominal value and nature of the share certificates discussed. FIRST, I own _____ 8. The shareholder requests and makes this affidavit to ask the company to issue new or double share certificates to replace the original certificate. The shareholder shall sign this affidavit on the date indicated below. Third, that I did not sell or transfer this certificate. 1. I am legally responsible and I am an employee, representative or authorized representative who is the sole legal and economic owner (the „Shareholder“) of shares, par value, of a company(s) represented by the certificate number(s) issued by the company on behalf of the shareholder. That is what happens.

Sometimes share certificates are lost or accidentally destroyed. But don`t worry. Whether you plan to keep, sell, or transfer your shares, there is a way to restore physical certificates. The company or transfer agent will replace them, but you will first need to provide a verified affidavit, known as an affidavit on the lost stock certificate. You know who this document is signed for and where. (4) The original certificates have not been confirmed as follows:. 6. The shareholder shall be entitled to full and exclusive possession of the certificate(s) of origin and no other natural or legal person has any interest in the certificate(s) of origin or the proceeds thereof.

______________Entreprises and professionals of , , who take the oath correctly, and confirm attached as follows: Our carefully prepared questionnaires come out the work of guessing. Your answers fill out the forms in a simple and correct way the first time. By affixing my signature below, I explain: ___ Keyword research (z.B. „Sales Agreement“) Advanced search 9. In view of the above, the shareholder must take an oath: before me the _______ (month and day), _______Année). . 3. The shareholder made the following efforts to find the certificate(s) of origin. The destruction of the certificate(s) of origin was carried out as follows:. We have only withdrawn a call to the after-sales service specialists to point you in the right direction. 7.

If the shareholder ever finds the certificate of origin (certificates of origin) or is otherwise returned to the shareholder, the shareholder consents that these original certificates have no value and that he shall return them immediately and without consideration for the cancellation to the company. . . .