Hsbc Deposit Agreement

The bank may refuse to accept or delay the availability of cheques drawn from banks outside the United States (including cheques from HSBC`s foreign subsidiaries) and foreign currency cheques, convert the foreign cheque into USD and deposit them in cash or process those cheques on a withdrawal basis. Whether your foreign cheque is converted or processed on a collection basis, understand and agree that, if an item returns, you bear all the exchange risks. If you want to avoid the risk of exchanging a returned item, you can request the processing of the item on the basis of the incassic for the corresponding fee. If a cheque drawn on a bank outside the United States uses a dollar symbol but does not indicate that the cheque is drawn in U.S. dollars, it is treated as a cheque in the currency of the country where the bank is located, for example. B a cheque drawn on a Canadian bank. They bear the costs associated with all adjustments to be made if the cheque should have indicated that it was drawn in U.S. dollars, including exchange rate adjustments and fees assessed by third parties as part of the bank adjustment. You can avoid this risk by ensuring that the issuer of the item clearly identifies cheques payable in U.S. dollars. If these regular payments vary, the people who are paid must tell you when it will take place and how much it will be 10 days before each payment. You can only receive this notification (in agreement with the recipient) if the payment deviates from more than an agreed amount of the previous payment or if the amount is outside the limits you have set.

Enter if necessary. The specific message for which you request a copy on paper and the address to which it should be sent. We can charge a fee for paper copies of communications. Please refer to your account, product or service contract. If the bank accepts a cheque that is drawn at another bank, the bank can immediately make available funds from the deposit to be cashed, but delay your ability to withdraw a corresponding amount of funds that you have to deposit into another account with the bank. Balances on the other account would then only be available in the periods described in this disclosure for the type of sieve you deposited. The funds you deposit by cheque may be delayed for a longer period of time under the following circumstances: We recommend that you ensure that your accounts remain active in order to fully exploit your accounts and avoid the potential for your money to be transferred to the state as an abandoned property. At any time, after the funds in the account transferred have been returned to the state concerned, the depositor (or any other person entitled to the money) can recover the money from the state`s abandoned real estate administrator. The Bank chooses the method to obtain the final payment of a cheque, project, note, acceptance or other instrument („article“) and may use other banks.

The bank is not responsible for the actions of other banks, nor for the loss or destruction of objects held by other banks or in transit. Any bank may refuse to honour a deposited property or honour a person rejected by another bank. Internet Banking: Internet banking security procedures include encryption, a password and a security device or key allowing the customer to transfer funds and conduct banking, as provided for the general terms of sale of the internet bank and the security statement available online at the address. HSBC Bank Middle East Limited (the „Bank“) is required to act in accordance with laws and regulations that operate in different countries and regions of the world with respect to international sanctions.